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Our retreats offer a combination of wellness services and treatments over a whole day, or longer. Join us for the clarity, fun, and community that comes with dedicating extended time to your holistic health and wellbeing. 

Women Practicing Yoga

One-Day Experiences

One day retreats are perfect for a short yet meaningful dedication to yourself and your wellness practice. 

Weekend Workshops and Retreats

For those with more time, we welcome you to join us for a whole weekend dedicated to you and your mind, body, and spirit. 

We will have our 1-2 day experiences announced by memorial day. For now, check out our Reiki weekend workshops.



All-Inclusive Multi-Day Retreats -
Summer dates announced!

Multi-day retreats offer an immersive wellness experience that provides most comprehensive approach for grounding yourself in a lifestyle of natural health and wellness. 

We are bringing back our Dive In & Detox 3 day day retreat at mid of August, and our Immersive Reiki Training Retreat in the Fall. 

Sign up on our mailing list for those announcements and registration details. And in the meantime check out the information from last year.

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