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White Sand and Stone

Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to maximize your time learning for improving your health and wellness. 

We off both online only courses as well as hybrid courses to match all schedules and learning styles. 

Reiki Level 1

This course includes a blending of lecture and virtual training experiences.  It is a foundational course designed with a beginner in mind. All cultures, races, ages and gender identities are welcome and no experience is needed to learn Reiki level one. You will learn what Reiki energy is and how to work with it for personal healing and relaxation.


Reiki Level 2

Designed specifically for those who have completed a Reiki level one training course.  A level two placement is given and students will be shown how to enhance their Reiki utilizing sacred Reiki symbols. This level of training introduces students to sending Reiki healing at a distance.

Learn to Meditate 21 day

Learn to Meditate Self Paced 21 day program

Learn to Meditate 10 day

Learn to Meditate Self Paced 21 day program

White Sand and Stone

What our clients have to say...

"What Stephanie and Tom create with their sound healing is truly magical."

"You can hear Stephanie's creativity in her sound healing."

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