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Registration is NOW OPEN
for our

1-Day Retreats for Winter

Most of our 3+ day retreats are on hold for Winter. Our 1-Day Experiences feature a similar combination of movement, meditation, sound healing, sacred ceremony and the outdoors if the weather permits.
We will be announcing 2-4 day retreat dates soon!
Until then, please scroll to learn more about our current 1-Day offerings, or click on the links above to RSVP

Shakti Reiki Training & Retreat

w/ Justine Lemos, PhD
& Stephanie May guest facilitating sound

On Saturday 1/27, join us for:
Level 1 Shakti Reiki training and atunement
Kriya yoga
sound healing 

Vedic Fire Ritual

+ BONUS Full moon sound healing ceremony the night before 1/26/23

We will gather on 1/27/23 from 10-5 with the following tentative itinerary:

10-12 Breathwork, meditation, Shakti Training

1-2:30 Shakti Atunement, Kriya

3:30-5 Sound Healing & Vedic Fire Ritual

The Vedic Fire Ritual can be attended ala carte. We are even offering a combo discount price for the Vedic Fire Ritual (1/27) + Full Moon Sound Healing (1/26)

About Your Facilitators

Our Mission and Philosophies

Other than education, the Center's mission to is to inspire, facilitate healing and help connect you to your higher self. Here we believe there are a variety of means to do that and one size does not fit all. That is why we designed these retreats the way we have. So YOU are in charge of your health and healing journey. With us, you choose your own adventure.

We have 3 primary programs we offer, all with additional services you may sign up for. However, at any time you may opt out of any acitivity if your mind, body or spirit needs to do so. But if you choose to dive in wholeheartedly (which we highly recommend), your retreat will include an adventure & sport component, a yoga component and a reiki or massage component. We connect you to your higher self by also connecting you to this earth and its elements, connecting you to your spirit, mindfulness and moving your Qi through all of it for optimal processing and integration.

We cannot truly love another the way we are all meant to be loved,

until we can find that love for ourselves, within ourselves.


On Saturday 2/10, join us for:

Beach Forest bathing 
Kriya yoga
moving meditation
sound healing w/ drumming

Vedic Fire Ritual

... all with the theme and purpose of

clearing, opening and healing the heart chakras,

to allow for more self love

+ BONUS New Moon  Cacao & Sound healing ceremony
the night before 2/9/23

Heart Chakra Calibration: 
Self Love 1-Day Retreat

facilitated jointly w/ Justine Lemos, PhD
& Stephanie May 

We will gather on 2/10 from 10-5 with the following tentative itenerary:


10-12 Breathwork, gentle yoga, Ocean of Holy Love Meditation

1-2:30 Kriya & heart chakra healing meditation 

3:30-5 Sound Healing & Vedic Fire Ritual

The Vedic Fire Ritual can be attended ala carte.

We are even offering a combo discount price for the Vedic Fire Ritual (2/10) + Full Moon Sound Healing (2/9)

Thanks for subscribing!


15 W Manor Dr Ste A, Pacifica, CA 94044, USA


Deposits, Refunds, Cancels and Weather

We don't control the weather, therefore (similarly to a ski resort), we unfortunately are not able to issues refunds for acts of nature. If the weather does not permit our Vedic Fire Ritual, we will issue you a credit for our next one as we will be offering these more regularly in 2024.


We have limited spots available and have put our heart and soul into planning these experiences for you and our time is valuable. We understand certain emergency situations will arise and we will deal with those on a case by case basis. If you are unable to attend due to a documented emergency, we will issue you a credit voucher for the next time you are able to visit, or you can transfer your reservation to someone else. Last minute cancels or no-shows without an approved emergency documentation will forfeit their deposit.

Can I opt-out of an activity?

We want to be as accommodating as best we can. Therefore, we can offer you SOME activity substitutions (to the best of our ability) if for some reason you are physically unable to participate in one of our included services. For example, if you have a condition where massage is contra-indicated (very rare), we can substitute that for any of our other ala carte services. However, that does need to be discussed and arranged in advance. As these retreats are planned in advance, last minute accommodations may not always be possible.

Tell me more about the Vedic Fire Ritual, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing

We will incorporate a Breathwork/pranayama practice based on where the moon is placed based on Vedic astrology.  We chant sacred mantras, make fire offerings and move through a sacred ritual together  in community. Moving from sound healing straight into Fire Ritual.

Vedic Fire Ritual (also known as Yagya) is a Yagya sacred Vedic fire ceremony and has been used from time immemorial to invoke the Shakti of Agni (fire) to purify, to destroy and to transmute trauma, negative emotion & mental habits, and karma.

Sacred Ceremonious Cacao is used with sound healing as an offering and enhancer both. We honor the earth and cacao, while also blessing it and calling on it's properties to help us open our heart chakras.

Do you include lodging?

Lodging is not included for our 1-2 offerings. For 3-4 days in Shasta and Costa Rica it is included. It is optional for Pacifica retreats.

What are the pricing options?

Currently, for our 1-Day retreats, since they are always offered around the New or Full Moon, our pricing options are:

1. Pay in Full for the retreat which includes the Vedic Fire Ritual and sound healing for the relative theme of the retreat  + BONUS Full or New Moon sound healing ceremony the night before with the astrology theme

2. Vedic Fire Ritual only $22-$33 sliding scale (all materials provided)

3. Moon Ceremony + Vedic Fire Ritual both for $44


Sound Healings memberships also available. See our Plans & Pricing section here.

What are the dates of each retreat and experience?

Current 1-Day Experiences: Shakti Reiki Training Retreat & Heart Chakra Calibration

Past & Upcoming Offerings:
Dive In & Detox 3-Day Retreat:
 on hold. Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates announcement!

Immersive Reiki Retreat: Date for Summer 2024 coming soon

Costa Rica December: Dates TBD but sometime around the New Moon... save that date/week! 2024

Sound Healing in Shasta: TBA for February, March, April 2024

Spirit of Aloha 3-Day Retreat: on pause for Winter

Spirit of Aloha 1 or 2 Day Experience: on pause

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