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Crystal Salt

We are hiring!
Come join our team of high vibing healers

We are hiring for all positions. We are open to any and all services that are complimentary to our current services, energy and mission.

Currently, we have massage and advanced bodywork, Reiki, sound healing, health coaching, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga and functional medicine. Our workshops include a much wider variety of other various subjects such as expressive arts therapies, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, gut health, tapping and much more.

What we are in need of the most is:

  • Massage & advanced bodywork

  • Past life regression/hypnosis

  • Reiki

  • Fitness coach or personal trainer (outdoor/mobile or non-gym style)

  • Front desk/retail/marketing wellness advocate (all in one or one each!)

  • Wellness center manager

  • Acupuncturist

  • Mental health or social work professional

Please note: any of the above professions that are regulated (i.e. massage, mental health, acupuncture, etc.) will require proof of credentials/training upon hire. Unregulated professions such as hypnosis, tarot, etc. do not have to be licensed, but proof of training is preferred.

Please send your resume or website information (including credentials, training and references) to: In your email, please include what you are looking for, whether it is room rental, 1099, event space, administrative position, retreat facilitator, or all of the above, as we offer all of the above.

More details about our positions can be found on Craigslist, our FB page or FB job marketplace.

Perks of the Job

Healers all too often take care of everyone else but themselves. And we are on a mission to change that! That's why we offer not just incentives and bonuses, but we also offer a Partner Wellness Program with Incentives and Bonuses also.

Our Partner Wellness program includes:

  • 1 free service a month (based on minimum hours worked) comparable to services rendered. (i.e. Reiki for Reiki, massage for massage, etc.

  • Free health and fitness support group

  • On demand home/virtual fitness membership

  • PWP INCENTIVES: free service(s)/rental discounts of your choice (does not need to be comparable) based on performance (goals, hours, sales, etc.).

  • PWP BONUSES: Free service(s) / rental discounts of your choice based on level of contributions. There are a wide variety of contributions such as content writing, event/workshop hosting, front desk help, etc. Inquire if interested.

Additional Partner Incentives and Bonuses include:

  • Discounted rates (room rental, 1099 percentage) based on level of contributions.

  • Exchange of Services

  • Paid Workforce Training (see our Workforce Training Program for details)

  • Opportunity for advancement

  • Opportunity for manager or owner partnership

  • Opportunity for retreat hosting (both locally and travel)

There are a wide variety of contributions such as content writing, event/workshop hosting, front desk help, etc. Inquire if interested. We want to grow and we want you to grow as well. Growth is the only way to progress. It's a win-win.


Space Rental

Our treatment rooms, as well as the entire center, are available to rent for events and as a warm space for wellness professionals to  practice.

Carrying a Board

Retreats and Workshops

We are excited and eager to partner with any wellness professionals interested in collaborating on retreats and workshops hosted at the center. 

Reading Glasses on Book


We have a ton of mutually beneficial opportunities for the right people to assist us and learn about what it takes to run a wellness center. 

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