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From 1 day experiences, to 2 day workshops, and even multi-day immersive retreats,

we have something for everyone. 

NorCal Surf Retreat
"Where Spirit Meets Adventure"

Welcome to the new home of!  While we are still building this page, please visit the other links under this section.

Beach Sunset


Here at NCSR and CIW, we believe in truly integrative healing. This means we don't believe in just going inward, nor do we believe in only going outward. 

We believe in the yin and yang.

We showcase that by combining our healing modalities with outdoor adventure, to not just connect with mother nature and receive her healing, but also to continuously keep moving our Qi, facing our fears, and learning all the lessons she has to teach us. And we just might be making some incredible lifelong memories as well. 

Blue Water


Although our first offerings were all about the beautiful Pacifica Ocean we call home here in Pacifica, California, we are already expanding state wide and even globally.

The mountains, the jungle and the trees have just as much to teach us as the water.

We truly love all the elements of nature and will continue to call on them with our own unique offerings.

Coming soon, we will be in Costa Rica.

And we are announcing dates for Mt. Shasta soon as well.

Sign up on our website to receive exclusive offers as these announcements roll out.

Winter Scenery
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