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We have 2 spots left for tonight’s Full Moon Sound healing!

We feel so blessed to inform you that we are almost sold out for tonight’s event. We only have 2 spots left.

With that said, we wanted to take this opportunity to request and remind you of the following:

  1. We are a small space so RSVP is required. Even if it’s cash at the door, we need to know you’re coming. We aren’t an airline. We don’t oversell our events.

  2. Please BYO… mat, water bottle, eye pillow, blanket, etc. we have some mats and blankets (just in case you forget), but not enough for all.

  3. Please be on time. We lock the doors and start ceremony promptly at 7:15.

  4. Please turn off your cell phones (and any other alarms or tech that could be disruptive) upon arrival.

  5. Please be mindful of everyone’s experience and use the bathroom before we get started. That way you do not have to get up and disrupt others.

  6. Please limit your alcohol consumption the day of (and days following), or just abstain completely. Sound healing is clearing and purging, and could stir up some nausea if you are under the influence. And then see #5. You do not want to have to get up and run to the bathroom in the middle of your (or others) meditation.

  7. Last, but definitely not least… Bring your smiles, love and an open mind and heart. This is safe space. And we are so excited to share sacred space with you and be a part of your healing journey.

See you soon~

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