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Portals, transitions, leap years ... and everything in between.

Greetings beautiful souls! <3

How is your first quarter of 2024 going so far? Well I hope!

Here's another question. Did you set any intentions, or put into motion, any goals or dreams for your future, during the last 7 days?

If not, why?

Remember, it is never too late.

Here is a reminder you can work with these portals, the new moon, and the full moon energies days before and after. Everything is a phase. These are not hard sharp turns. As we phase in and out of these chapters of life, so do the portals energies.

Some say that leap years are significant because they allow you skip 4 years forward. They are an opportunity for you to set yourself up for success 4 years from now.

Therefore, in honor of this powerful week, we want to help make it a little easier for you put those actions into motion. We are offering a sale, in honor of the 3/3 portal, the leap year portal, 3/8 portal and this transition from winter to spring.

If you align with the flow of nature you may have been trying to go inward the past few months. The themes of winter are to ground, reflect on the past year (what worked, what didn't, etc.), and then to grow your roots deeper and stronger so you are more ready to take on the growth and fruits of spring.

Well, not only are we in the final weeks of winter, but we can also look ahead 4 years from now. 2024 is all about future plans (4 year plans and 8 numerology). 5 year plans are so 2000 and late. Now is the time to take action and set your intentions into motion.

To help you do just that, we are offering:

-up to 29% off of individual services

-up to 18% off everything else

(our package and memberships are already approximately 10% savings)

Not sure what services you need? Want to try something out before committing to a package? No problem. We have workshops, events and retreats for that! We also have free consults you can book directly from our website.

Our themes of 2024 were karma and abundance. Our themes of February and March are self love, pleasure, self-worth, good fortune, and the root and heart chakras. These topics are all related. Your good fortune could be a matter of your karma, your financial luck a matter of your self worth, etc. The heart chakra is green, which is the color of clovers, luck, and money! Therefore, these will continue to be the topics and themes we are working with at our events over the next month.

New this month we are launching our Exploring Meditation & Mindfulness workshop. Last month we launched our Transform Your Trauma workshop as well as our 12 week Trauma Transformation program. And in April we are hosting our first COMBINE Shakti, Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Training Retreat. It will be the ultimate trifecta to level up and expand your energy healing knowledge. Those dates will be April 13-14th so stay tuned for that registration to open in the next few days.

Until then we still are offering our monthly New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies & Rituals, Fire Ritual with Justine, Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies and our unique Kavaid & Clearing Sound Healing event.

To take advantage of this sale with our upcoming events use the leap3 code. To take advantage of services, use the leap2 code. To take advantage of our 12 week Trauma Transformation program,, or any other packages programs or memberships, use the leap code.

Here are the dates for our upcoming events:

New Moon Ritual / Vedic Fire Ritual - March 9 (Saturday), 4 pm

Full Moon + Spring Equinox Cacao & Sound Healing Ceremony - March 22 (Friday), 7 pm NEW DATE CHANGE

Exploring Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop (Meditation Mondays) - March 25 (Monday), 12 pm NEW, initial launch

Transform Your Trauma Workshop - March 26 (Tuesday), 12 pm

-This is a 3 part series or included as part of our 12-week transformation program

Kavaid & Clearing (Cord Cutting Ceremony + Sound Healing) - March 28 (Thursday), 7 pm

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to all the abundance coming towards you and us the rest of 2024. <3

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