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Mothers Day weekend and Summer announcements

If you missed Chakra Massage & Awakening today, you can still get in on the Somatics workshop tomorrow + Cacao & Sound in the evening.

Tomorrow’s workshop series, titled SOMAR, stands for Somatics Acupressure and Reflexology. Somatics within itself is a broad terms that could include anything from massage, foam rolling, breathwork, embodiment meditation, mindfulness, etc.

In this 5-part series we are learning how to heal our bodies using a variety of techniques, but we are also learning how to tune into our body first.

Each part of the series will be recorded so you can purchase online anytime and watch the replays if you cannot attend live. Each workshop comes with a handout and gift bag full of goodies relevant to that section.

Part 1 was for the woman and womb healing. It included massage tools, reflexology charts, and a signature essential oil blend made by myself. We discussed Acu points, rolling the feet, essential oil support and even did some massage with sound.

Part 2 tomorrow is special Mother’s Day edition, but appropriate for dads, singles and even the whole family. Tomorrow’s theme is relaxation, nervous system regulation and partner massage. But you do not need a partner to take this class!

Want to learn how to calm yourself or others, regulate the vagus nerve, and maybe even give a loved one the best foot massage ever? Then this workshop is for you!

Give mom (or the whole tribe) the gift of relaxation. Because kids need to learn somatic awarenes, healthy coping and relaxation techniques too.

There is one workshop a month for 5 months. These workshop are also include in our monthly two day retreats we are offering. These have been intentionally designed to pair with each theme…

-May: Mother’s Day- chakras, relaxation and massage

-June: Reiki training weekend + SOMAR upper body pain. For this we will be connecting the higher chakras, our qi and channels with acupressure and other techniques.

-July: Kundalini Awakening weekend + SOMAR Lower Body. Points and practices for healing lower body ailments + qi flow+ connecting the lower chakras

-August: Dive In & Detox Retreat+ SOMAR Points for vitality, detox and general health.

See the event listing for details. If you sign up for the entire weekend you receive a rather significant discount versus just attending one or two of the 3-4 workshops.

Then tomorrow night, massage your chakras and relax even more with a sacred Cacao ceremony & sound healing event. Whether your a former mom, current mom, dad, dog mom, child … matters not. This ceremony is focused towards giving thanks to our inner divine feminine, mother Gaia. Or maybe for you, it is even to honor and heal from the challenges and grief that we can also face with motherhood. No matter your reason or gender, we all face the joys and tribulations of motherhood in our lives. And this is the place to both cherish and heal from both by filling up our heart chakras with sacred cacao.

Remember the sound healing and somar series can be included in your membership depending on which on you buy.

In addition to the two day weekend retreat discounts we offer every months, we are offering a 10% discount for doing both. If you buy the five part somar package you already save 10-15%, if you you decide to attend one full weekend with us we will give you an additional 10% off the full weekend. And vice versa. We appreciate you and we are honored to be a part of your healing journey.

Lastly, we have launched our referral program and our Karma program.

  • Referral program: contact us directly for details and to receive your unique referral code. This code will not only give you a permanent discount sitewide, but it will give anyone you refer a discount as well. This program is dependent upon eligibility.

  • Karma: low on funds but have a service or skill set to offer? Many yoga studios in the past have offered karma cleaners. In this program you would stay after the yoga class and clean up the studio to prepare for the next class. And that would cover the cost of your class. However, we wanted to do something different. Therefore we are broaden the scope to allow many others avenues. Good at blogging? Handy around the house? Crafty or artsy? Have an eye for design? Website or marketing skills? Let us know what you have to offer and also what services or events you are interested in. Note: this does not apply to all events or services. Must apply via written short essay and brief application form. Other terms and conditions apply.

Visit our website -> Classes & Events -> Events to register for:

-any of our two day retreats now through August

-1 or all of our 5 part sonar series

-any of our sound healing events

To purchase a workshop membership, specific series package, or even a service package, visit us under Shop -> Plans & Pricing.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are more than glad to create a custom package for you as well. Perks of being a small local non corporate business. we believe you are in charge of your health and healing and everyone’s need

and situation is unique.

With sincerest gratitude and love, Happy Mothers Day.

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