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Chords & Clearing Event - 3/28

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A Message from The Center for Integrative Wellness:

Have you heard of our newest monthly event?

Here are the full details:

We will be combining some of our favorite activities of sound healing, making new friends, enjoying the powerful, yet relaxing, healing properties of the earth, and grounding and clearing out any unwanted energies, traumas or stress via a group guided meditation.

The guided meditation will specifically be to cut, clear, seal and transmute any unwanted, unhealthy, negative attachments that are no longer serving us.

In recognizing that some of our relationships may have carried over form other journey's in the past, present or future, we may then begin to to process that, that attachment does not necessarily serve us in this walk. However, compassion is key, that is why we honor the lessons we have learned, while forgiving those relationships, cutting and sealing off those cords, and then release and transmute (blessing) those energies back into pure love and light.

Cord cutting can be heavy work. Using the elements of the earth and calling on its ancient wisdom and healing allows us to stay grounded, yet energized and aware enough to do the work. It is important to be hydrate before and after any energy work, especially clearing and cutting.

Despite knowing some of our relationships are unhealthy or no longer serve us, it is very common to experience anxiety when cutting ties with energies we have been so intimately attached to. Although it isa healthy loss, it is still a loss. There can be a grieving process that sometimes follows that loss and rightfully so. Yet another reason we honor the relationship without judgement for what it taught us and allow it to be set free with forgiveness and compassion.

Join us monthly on Tuesdays at 7 pm in Pacifica We will hold sacred space at the end for those who want to hang out and share in the circle more in depth. Our Sacred Spaces series will be announced shortly. In short it is a social event + open circle support group + workshop for those working through and honoring their spiritual journey. It is a chance to meet other like minded individuals, discuss challenges, celebrate growth, share tools and resources, sip some tea and join the community!

Dates are:







*3/28, we are having a guest facilitator, Erin Acharya of BirthEvolved. She is a very talented hypnotherapist. She will be facilitating this event with a group hypnosis

This means this will be hypnosis instead of a meditation.

Also, we will not be having someone playing live instruments. Instead, we will be playing some of our very own unique sound productions. Sound Healing tracks custom produced by yours ruly, individually.

We hope you are as excited as we are to experience her magic. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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