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Important Sound Healing Updates

We are almost sold out for Mondays Full Moon event 🔥 Get your tickets now before registration closes.

Some important updates to know before you register:

  1. We have changed our pricing slightly. For full moon and new moon we now request $33. The rest of our events are still $22.

  2. Our membership price has slightly increased to include your beverage. The membership includes 2 sound healings a month and saves you money.

  3. Our memberships and packages are no longer available on eventbrite. Website only. It will auto track your attendance and auto deduct it.

  4. You can do everything (booking, registering, exclusive blog access, chat, etc) through your account on our website/app. Joining the website/app is free.

  5. We are officially checking for proof of membership if you purchased it through Eventbrite. Too many people are not reading the event information and trying to take advantage. If you cannot show proof of membership purchase you will have to make a donation.

  6. We already keep these events low budget and donation based. Your donations keep our lights on. So please respect our time, space and energy.

  7. We have a few new memberships as well that include sound healing , reiki and our new Crystal Salt Meditation room (Himalayan salt room + crystals + meditation + reiki). Check them out on our website, under Plans & Pricing and contact us if you have any questions.

  8. If the weather is permitting we will have our New Moon and Full moon event outside at the beach during the warmer months of Summer and early Fall. So please BYO

-water bottle

-Blanket and ground pad


-warm clothing

Feel free to reach out with any questions! In the meantime, join us:

tomorrow night



15 w manor dr

Donation based $33

Please be advised if you sign up for the free existing membership ticket you will be asked to show proof of your membership OR to make a donation. Our events are not free, especially the ones that sell out. We keep the lights on with your donations so please respect our time, space and energy.

RSVP on our website under events.

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