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Important Event & Workshop Schedule Updates for the remainder of the year + special announcements

Updated: Feb 2

Taking into consideration holiday travel schedules with both our community and facilitators, we have made some changes to our regularly recurring events to close out the year. However this is not the only reason.

We are super excited to announce we are bringing in various new facilitators in all realms: yoga, reiki, coaching, breathwork, sound healing, etc. And these new partners and facilitators will be both taking over some of the existing events AND creating their own unique workshops. Therefore, we wanted to create space in our schedule for those new offerings.

This means that most of the events Stephanie has been facilitating might have a new facilitator. And we couldn't be more grateful to be building that team and community both.

Here is what you need to know most importantly as far as schedules are concerned...

First, we are moving both Meet Your Guides AND Kava & Clearing to alternating every other month. This means that November was be the last Kava & Clearing of the 2023 year. Meet Your Guides will be December 6, 2023. It will be hosted by Rachel and Joanne. Joanne is brining some new flavor to our sound healing events with her Didgeridoo skills.

There is a copious amount of good news though between this. We are going to be offering a our Winter Solstice Cacao & Sound as well as 2 new events by two new facilitators: Solstice renewal Retreat and Shakti reiki training in January.

On December 9, 2023, we will offer for the fire time a Solstice Renewal 1-Day Retreat w/ New Moon Vedic Fire Ritual. This retreat will be facilitated by Justine Lemos, PhD and Stephanie May. The Vedic Fire a ritual will be included in the all day event or it can be attended separately. The Vedic Fire Ritual will serve as our New Moon event for December, but the sound healing is only a part of the retreat. See the event listing for all the details.

The winter solstice cacao and sound will be facilitated by Rachel Brown and Stephanje

Moving forward, RSVP is required for all events. With so many new facilitators and happenings, plus our limited space (now that the weather is cooler and all events are back inside) it is a change that is necessary. We will still take cash at the door, but only if you have reached out to us to reserve your spot first.

Last but not least we launch our online drop shipping store. It includes everything from Ayurvedic support, to journals, crystals and everything in between. We wanted to give you a chance to check out our new store, so we extended our anniversary month sale 2 more days!

To take advantage of 22% off everything site wide, use codes:

Anniversary for services

Anniversary 1 for events

Anniversary2 for memberships/packages

Newproducts for physical store products.

Our sale does apply to the retreat and workshops listed above. It includes everything!! Sign up for a workshop or retreat in the future with 22% off now.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. It has been an honor to be a part of yours.

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