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7 days of codes for the Year of 8 + Upcoming Events

If you haven't signed up to become a member yet, you should, its FREE! And so are a few of our groups. These groups and in email are typically the only places we are posting codes. They are definitely the only place we are posting our Day 8 codes, the 2 biggest codes of our 8 days of January.

We posted Day 1 code in our last blog, and on our social media. That one was for everyone! But since we had some tech issues this week, we are making a slight exception to our rule. Just to make it easy.

We are offering up 7 days of the codes, right here, right now! (We are still saving our Day 8 code where we double down for massive savings for our email list and website members.)

Since we have some upcoming events that these codes pertain to, we are giving you a chance to come try out one of our new offerings or experience one of our new facilitators, or both!

Join Rachel Brown tonight for Cords & Clearing. This is an earth medicine ceremony, sound healing and guided meditation all in 1. This event is only now offered every other month. It is for clearing negative attachments and unhealthy relationships that no longer serve you. It is tonight at 7 and you can RSVP here

Rachel is a passionate Certified Reiki Master dedicated to fostering holistic wellness in all areas of life. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Music, Rachel brings a unique blend of analytical thinking with creative artistic expression to the world of spiritual well-being. 

Rachel’s journey has led her to explore the duality of bridging the spiritual and practical realms, finding harmony in their convergence. She offers a grounded approach to wellness, weaving together the ethereal and tangible aspects of life.

We are working on getting her profile posted on the website. Until then read about all our healer here:

Then join Justine Lemos, PhD, for both Vedic Astrology Full Moon sound healing and guided meditation on 1/26 at 7 pm. And the next day for her Shakti Reiki Training Retreat 1/27 that includes vedic fire ritual, sound healing, kriya yoga and more! You can sign up for either of these, and read all about Justine, at same the link above. The retreat day includes the Full Moon ceremony as a FREE bonus. :)

Before you click over though, here are 7 days of codes that you can use towards all 3 of these offerings:

We are posting the Day 8 DOUBLE DOWN codes in our groups as we speak. We already sent them via email. So join the website as a member, and then join our members group, for FREE to get the Day 8 codes.

Just click General Members area and then create an account, just like on amazon. It is that easy! The codes will be posted there.

The codes also include all our memberships and packages, such as our Sound Healing Membership and Group Reiki & Coaching membership. You can view those here:

As always please reach out to us if you have any difficulties or any questions!

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