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2024 is the Year of the 8

"What is the year of the 8?" you may ask.

In many traditions, practices and beliefs, 8 is a very powerful number. You may see this mostly in yoga, numerology, astrology and sacred geometry. There are 8 limbs of yoga. An octopus has 8 tentacles. See where we are going with this?

We can dive more into that later. And we will in our events and workshops. For now, lets stay focused.

To set this intention high into the sky, to practice abundance and karma, we are offering 8 days of January!

Every day will feature a special on a different area of our offerings and website. We have grown so much over the past year, we want to make sure you get a chance to experience it all.

Let's take a moment to dive into some of that growth...

We have launched 4 new events and are also changing up our normally occurring events for January and February. We are offering one workshop and one sound healing each week. And we have new facilitators for our sound healing events, including New and Full Moon ceremonies. But first, new retreat/workshop details, starting with Shakti Reiki training ...


In January, we are bringing a new kind of Reiki to the Center (because we love all things energy healing and reiki!) Justine Lemos, PhD, will be offering a SPECIAL FULL MOON ceremony Friday evening January 26 w/ a Vedic Astrology guided meditation and Shakti reiki healing. She will also be facilitating 1-day Shakti Reiki Training and Retreat the next day (January 27). That training includes:


-your Shakti Level 1 atunement


-gentle yoga


-sound bath

+ Sacred Vedic Fire Ritual

+ BONUS Free Full Moon Sound bath w/ Vedic astrology meditation the evening prior on 2/9 for retreat attendees.


She is one of only 3 women in the world trained and permitted to offer this powerful ceremony.

Join us for a full day of powerful healing or just the Fire Ritual itself.


Justine is also a yoga instructor and an Ayurveda practitioner. Go check out all her private services and products while you're on the website.

Last, but definitely not least for January, we are finally launching our long awaited Transform Your Trauma Workshop AND 12 week transformation program!


This program, as well as our new Meditation & Mindfulness and Exploring Energy Workshops, will be facilitated by a plethora of our new very talented practitioners and healers:


-Sarah McCallum, Certified Massage Therapist, Akashic Record Keeper and Astrologer

-Joanne Brohmer, Certified Master Reiki Teacher, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Sound Healer

-Rachel Brown, Certified Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Master, Sound Healer

These magical women are also co-facilitating events. They are taking over some pre-existing events , but also revamping and relaunching former events.

See our events section for the sound healing event details. See our classes and services section to learn more about our workshops.

Remember all workshops are immersive and interactive. You are not just sitting there being lectured at. We move, we breathe, we “get our hands dirty” and practice experiential learning. With all our workshops you are taking through a guided meditation or sound healing.

Exploring Energy workshop rolls out in February. In March, it will be time for our Mid-day Meditation and Mindfulness. Stay tuned for those details. In the meantime, come start the New year off right with a New Moon Ceremony, or even better, a Reiki attunement healing.

Check out Joanne, and her sweet digeridoo skills, at our New Moon Sound Healing event, this Friday, January 12, 2024.

Or come book an Akashic Record or Reiki healing with Rachel or Sarah.

But before you go visit all these sections of our website, make sure you either:

  1. sign up for our email list

  2. join our website/app for free and join a group

Doing this will get you exclusive access to all our announcement and specials, including discount codes.

To start the Year of 8 off right, we are offering you this one time Day 1 code! But the other 7 days of codes will ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN OUR MEMBERS GROUPS/BLOG or via email.

It is free to join our members area, plus you get to connect with our community and meet other like minded individuals! So why wouldn't you?

You also get a reward just for joining our email list. We are full of abundance over here!

The Day 1 code is 'Yearof8' of 8% off Shakti Reiki training. Day 2 and 3 codes are already live but are only available in our memberships areas.

Day 2 and 3 codes give discounts on Services AND Memberships & Packages. The day 2 and 3 codes alone could have you locked in on your pricing for the rest of the year!

Whether your into sound healing, private services, retreats, or just connecting with community, our #8daysofjanuary will have something to help you start and KEEP your 2024 full of prosperity.


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